November 02, 2022

Firm settles Black Lives Matter protestor’s excessive force lawsuit for $215k

The firm today settled the false arrest, excessive force, and First Amendment retaliation lawsuit of client Ahmed Sami for $215,000, inclusive of fees. On June 2, 2020, Mr. Sami and his friends were heading home after protesting the murder of George Floyd when a group of officers violently tackled and arrested them. Officers then applied excessively tight flexcuffs to Mr. Sami’s wrists and ignored his complaints of excruciating pain for hours while he was detained. Mr. Sami still suffers from pain, numbness, and limited mobility in his wrists years after the incident. The complaint asserted claims against the individual officers who assaulted Mr. Sami and the City of New York for the NYPD’s deliberate indifference to repeated injuries caused by its use of flexcuffs against protestors.