May 19, 2021

Firm files lawsuit on behalf of Black Lives Matter protester

Yesterday the firm filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of Ahmed Sami, who was arrested by the NYPD during last summer’s George Floyd protests. The complaint alleges that Mr. Sami was arrested without probable cause as he was leaving a peaceful protest against police brutality. Officers handcuffed him too tightly using plastic flex-cuffs and then ignored his repeated complaints that the handcuffs were too tight and causing him pain. They removed the flex-cuffs only after he had spent hours in a holding cell. As a result, Mr. Sami suffered excruciating pain and nerve damage. The complaint further alleges that these injuries resulted from the City of New York’s deliberate indifference to the repeated injuries caused by the NYPD’s use of flex-cuffs against protesters.

Mr. Sami is represented by Matthew Wasserman, under the supervision of Joel Rudin. You can read the complaint here.